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MyLogo Waffel 2go Development cost


Attracts attention. Stays in mind. Makes people happy.

    MyLogo Waffel 2go Development cost

    Attracts attention. Stays in mind. Makes people happy.

    Your company logo as a waffle:
    • Inspire your customers and business partners with this charming marketing idea that will be remembered!
    • Whether at trade fairs, events, as a snack at meetings or at company celebrations.
    • The logo waffle is a unique innovative marketing idea that makes you stand out.
    • You will be surprised how successful this type of advertising is!
    • A logo waffle stays in mind.

    Sensory Marketing:
    • The sweet, traditional waffle creates positive associations with your company.
    • The smell of fresh waffles attracts your customers from afar.
    • The appetite and sweet taste are subconsciously linked to your brand.
    • The logo waffle remains in good memory!

    • Design your waffle with a text or theme for certain occasions, with your restaurant logo or your business logo for marketing and promotion
    • Our product development team conceives the design with you and tests it in practice
    • The baking plate for waffles on a stick is not suitable for Baking System II
    • We need your logo as high-resolution graphics, ideally as vector graphics. The logo should be 2-colored as we can only display 2 levels on the waffle.
    • The basic shape of the waffle is always the same. The area for your individual logo has a diameter of 100 mm.
    • It may occur that your logo cannot be implemented 1:1 and must be simplified/adapted after consultation with you.
    • You also have the option of placing lettering on the waffle (about 10 characters depending on the text/font).
    • For a complete custom design, please contact us, we will be happy to make you an offer.
    • For 4 waffles on a stick of Ø 120 x h 18 mm
    • Non-stick coated aluminum.

    Made in Germany

    Download Manual: Datasheet (en)
    Net Weight:


    Number of waffles:


    Size of the waffle:

    Ø 120 x h 18 mm